Events in 2017

08 Aug

Active 2017 - Gardening in Gamle Stavanger

At 18:30- 20:30
Impressed by how neat and tidy the gardens in the Old City Center are kept? Join us to learn more about gardening from our local expert Knut, who lives right in the heart of Gamle Stavanger.
09 Aug

Active 2017 - Evening hike to Dalsnuten

At 18:00- 20:00

Join us for a trip to Dalsnuten !

13 Aug

Active 2017 - Hike to Kjerag!

At 8:00- 22:00
Sign up for this truly amazing hike and embrace the opportunity to meet new people!
20 Aug

Active 2017 - Mushroom Picking

At 11:30- 16:00
Join us for a mushroom picking day!
29 Aug

Culinary Lookout

At 12:00- 13:30
Taste the Region's finest food with a 360° panoramic view of Stavanger
03 Sep

Active 2017 - Sunday hike to Rennesøyhodnet

At 11:00- 15:00

Join us for a trip to Rennesøyholdnet!

06 Sep

Smart Cities: Insights, inspiration, idea exchange and action.

At 19:00- 21:00
Stavanger is part of the Smart Cities Program, and host the Nordic Edge Conference September 26 - 28th
Please join us for an exciting event to explore more about what's going on in your neigborhood.