Diversity as an Asset

We met six out of seven enthusiastic employees from EGGS Designs at their Stavanger office in Kvitsøygata and discussed how an international mindset is an asset for a company. EGGS Design are 70 employees from 15 different nationalities and form a multicultural creative hub at four different locations.

“We thrive on our diversity both culturally and academically”, says Regional Director Anders Kristian Kihle Attramadal, “and that brings a lot of extra energy into our daily work”. “A holistic design approach is the most effective way to drive meaningful and valuable change. We are a multidisciplinary design consultancy with expertise in technology and in designing digital and physical products and services”, says Attramadal with pride. “Our approach is people and business-centric”, he adds. “We depend on creative and analytical people with international experience, since we are operating in an international market”.

“We always co-collaborate and work in teams with our clients, we innovate and create the magic between hardware, software and services to create attractive and intuitive solutions for our clients”, he continues. “We love projects with high complexity.”

Attramadal adds that design and development is an international business. ”We use Norwegian as our working language here in Stavanger, and the designers we have employed from abroad have been good at learning the language. However, we see that as soon as we start talking business we switch to English without even noticing. The advantage of employing designers and creative technologists from different countries is the variety of perspectives, references and attitudes they bring from their different cultural backgrounds, schools, societies and life experiences. This creates diversity and is a huge asset to EGGS Design. Our job is to create something unique for our clients, and the different perspectives adds value in meeting our clients different needs.”

”Currently, we have four offices, three in Norway and one in Brazil. Our goal is to establish one new office every year. We search for markets worldwide, and it is a huge advantage having employees familiar with culture, bureaucracy and how to proceed to gain momentum and establish ourselves in these new markets. Innovation Norway assisted us when we established our office in Brazil, however, having an employee who knows the language and culture has been beneficial. Our aim is to create an ecosystem within the organisation, where the various offices draw on the competence of the other offices worldwide, strengthening skillsets and network.”

”Our vision is to be the preferred organization for creative people. We have a democratic administration where employees can invest in the company after a certain amount of time, and can influence progress and development, including their own assignments. We do not have a ´sales team´ as such , instead all our employees work within their fields of compentence and so far our order books have been full,” Attramadal continues. ”In addition we have won tenders for work in the public sector, and as such have to compete alongside other consultancies. In an organisation such as ours that means some people do more of the administrative work than others.”

Recently EGGS Design held presentations and workshops for the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce on megatrends.

”Trends can be global and can influence us in different ways and at different times, so those of us working in this field need long antennas in order to catch which directions they are developing. This is why it is very useful to have a wide base on different continents, and employees with experience in how the various structures work within different countries and how to best come into a position to win assignments. Norway is regulated through laws and policies, and all companies have the same possibilities. Brazil does not have a lot of regulations, it has lots of business opportunities, but pitfalls which have huge consequences if you put a foot wrong.” Attramadal says.

”We work with design driven innovation in both startups and larger established organisations. There are a lot of exciting things happening in this region concerning increased use of service design and maturation of design used as a strategic method for organisation cuture development. We still believe that there is a lot of potential for companies in the ocean technology sectors to differentiate and become even more competitive if they chose to be more user-centric and future-orientated in their methods.

We have a positive outlook on the future, on behalf of our clients and associates. There is a breadth of competencies in the region, and we would love to follow more clients out in the big wide world to show and tell others what we are good at.” Anders Attramadal concludes.

As we finish our conversation the team joins us and the conversations in Spanish, Norwegain and English surround the lunch table, laughter filling the room.

Photo: from left: Creative teamwork by Åshild Drønen Herdlevær, Anders K.K. Attramadal, Ligia María Hernández Leombruno , James Lundby, Trond Dagsland and Nicholas Merrigan.

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