From the INN Team - November

November brings with it long and dark nights, and even though temperatures rarely go below freezing it feels colder due to the wind chill factor. Dressing correctly is important. Use wool, not polyester or cotton. Wear a beanie and protect yourself from getting wet. Frostbite is not far away if you´ve forgotten to put gloves on. Remember to always have reflectors on jackets, backpacks, prams and bags if out and about in the dark. If you´re out walking the dog, remember to put reflectors on collar and leash.

Tom Cruise will be in the region 8-10 November  filming Mission Impossible 6, and Preikestolen will be closed during this period. Fortunately, only about 100 tourists hike to Preikestolen annually in November, so it won´t be a ´huge´ inconvenience. A local actor, Kristoffer Joner, has got a part in the movie and will be filming together with Tom Cruise. Who knows, maybe we will see Mr. Cruise round and about town as well.

If you are a fan of brassband music, there is a big competition on the 4th of November in the concert hall, as well as a  half marathon round the 3 lakes, Mosvannet, Stokkavannet and Hålandsvannet. Have a look for more events on the WHAT´S ON and SPORT AND OUTDOORS section of our newsletter. There is something  for everyone.

Nicola McCaffreys  blog this month is all about the ´koselig´concept Norwegians live by, and November is definately a month where it is all about lighting candles, fireplaces and creating that cosy atmosphere inside your home. However, don´t let the cold wet weather stop you from getting out doing some outdoor activity. It´s good for body, mind and spirit, and there´s nothing better than coming home to a nice warm house, lighting candles and making a nice meal after a day out in the elements and ´kose seg´.

Have a great November!

Greetings from the INN team Inger Tone, Randi, Cristina and all the wonderful volunteers.
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