From the INN Team - October

September has been a beautiful month with warm summer temperatures, making the interchange into October much easier. We’ve also had the general elections on September 11, and whether you had the right to vote or not, you can’t have missed the media hype around it.  Soon October will be here, and we notice evenings getting darker. Still no reason to let darkness prevent you from getting out enjoying a walk or bike ride, just remember to wear your reflectors. Attach them to jackets, bikes, backpacks, prams and strollers.

October offers a welcomed break for students and children in both school and kindergarten. The annual autumn holiday (høstferie) lasts from 9 – 13 October this year. During this week, many families will use the opportunity to travel elsewhere. Since this is a holiday special for the Scandinavian countries and even offers local differences when it comes to dates and length, this serves as a perfect opportunity to find cheap destinations abroad as competition from travelers from the rest of Europe is low. From a historical perspective, Norwegian schoolchildren have the potato to thank for this holiday, as it was established purely with the intent of having children available as help with potato harvest. Originally not much of a holiday in other words. Therefore, the purpose of this holiday has been the subject of discussion in recent years, but for now it’s still here to enjoy. For those of us staying in the region our What´s on section  will guide you through everything on offer. There are lots of things to do! 

Greetings from the INN team Inger Tone, Randi, Cristina and all the wonderful volunteers.
annonse formuesforvaltning

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