From the INN team August

We hope you´ve all had a great summer, are recharged and ready for all the wonderful aspects of August. We´d like to exend a warm welcome to all newcomers to the region. We hope you have had a good move and settle in nicely.

August is considered the last of the three summer months. The bright nights gradually fade to proper night darkness, at least a few hours of it. The weather is still quite stable and warm throughout the month. The mild weather makes it a great month for trips, tours, and countless outdoor events. From mid-August accommodations and ferries are at mid- or low-season rates. There is less traffic and you may feel as if you have the whole country to yourself. This is a perfect opportunity to experience everything Norway has to offer at cheaper rates, and still enjoy the feeling of summer. From week 34 the schools open their doors again, and this will also mark the end of the summer holiday for most. Gradually the workplace fills up with colleagues and before long its back to business as usual.

Northern clean nature and  summer with long sunny days and light nights give an incredibly delicious taste to berries and fungi. It is not only the aroma – Norwegian berries and mushrooms are clean and healthy; they contain huge amounts of important vitamins, flavonoids, fiber, and anti-oxidants. Now is the time to go out foraging for wild mushrooms and berries. This is mindfullness at it´s very best. There´s nothing like making your own mushroom stew in winter with mushrooms you´ve picked yourself in August and September. Blueberry pies taste amazing with wild blueberries picked by your own hand. 

Link to edible and poisonous mushrooms here

We´ve got lots of activities planned for you in the next coming months and hope you have time to join us for hikes and activities. Look at our activity calendar for the upcoming events. We look forward to a funfilled, busy autumn  together with you.

Greetings from the INN team Inger Tone, Randi and all the wonderful volunteers

annonse formuesforvaltning

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