From the INN team June & July

Summer in Norway means more pleasant temperatures, longer days to enjoy outdoor activities, and stocking up on vitamin D. From late June to early August the weather is at its warmest and it never seems to get really dark. It’s a welcome respite after a long, dark and cold winter, and like the flowers themselves the Norwegians bloom from the newfound sun and warmth. A wonderful mix of events  on our INN activity calendar ensures a busy June. Have a look at our ´Whats on´section as well as the ´Sports and Outdoors´section.

Being on the west coast of Norway the summer weather can surprise you. If you go hiking in the mountains, prepare for everything and make sure you bring waterproof and windproof clothing. The sun can be deceptively strong, even if the wind helps keep you cool, so make sure you use sunscreen - otherwise you might end up with sunburn.

Sankthans, or the official abbreviation St. Hans, or Jonsok is celebrated evening of June 23rd. The origin of St. Hans is from pagan days, when summer solstice was celebrated. When Norway was christened the Church knew it was easier to give any holiday a religious reason than to try to do away with it. So they named it Jonsok for Johannes døperen, John the Baptist, in his memory. Hans is also short for Johannes, and ergo St. Hans. 

In July things slow down as it´s the main holiday season. There are very few people left in the city as most people go away to summer cabins or abroad, however the last week of July are back in town for the Gladmat festival, which is defiantely worthwhile being around for.

Whatever you have planned for the summer, have a good one.

Summer greetings from the INN team Randi, Inger Tone and all the volunteers.

annonse formuesforvaltning

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