Know-how and innovation

Know-how and innovation are core competences in PaleBlue. The company employs four people from four different countries at Forus. They have introduced new training tools for the diving industry.

PaleBlue AS was established in 2013, and has created a VR Diver, a Virtual Reality-based training solution, for the diving industry related to subsea operations. However, this technology can be used for a range of different industries.

- This simulation technology can be used to other sectors and different markets, says Felix Gorbatsevich, managing director in PaleBlue.

International work environment

Gorbatsevich is Russian, and his colleague Bizhan Zangiabadi is from Iran. They have been working and living in Norway for nearly ten years, and speak Norwegian fluently. However, the working language is English. Another two employees are Portuguese and Norwegian. Furthermore, they have two people working for them in Russia.

PaleBlue is a reference to Carl Sagan’s book Pale Blue Dot, inspired by a photograph of Earth taken by Voyager I where earth from space is just a pale blue dot.

- To us it is a symbol of human outreach and the possibilities of technologies that we try to reflect by the name.

Innovation focus

Gorbatsevich is a software engineer, and Zangiabadi a mechanical engineer.

- We have developed some products for the diving industry, like a highly flexible simulator for use in training, qualifying, and certifying air and bell diving supervisors. It took some time to develop these products, but now we start commercializing, says Gorbatsevich.

According to them, the diving industry has been their main target because this market has been a bit behind in using the simulation technologies.

- Preparedness and good communication are crucial. That's why we have created VR Diver. The VR Diver reproduces the actual worksite by loading seabed scans and CAD of subsea equipment. We have plugged in our advanced 3D technology to allow realistic operation of controls in diving bell and pressurized chambers, adds Zangiabadi.

Zangiabad raises an important issue: - The question is where do you need a simulator? It´s either if it´s not accessible, visible or dangerous Or if it´s too expensive to perform in reality.

Advantages multicultural environment

- What is your vision and mission?

- Our vision is to set new standards in simulation. We provide interactive cost-friendly solutions for engineering, training, monitoring, and operation in industrial applications.

- What is the main advantage regarding diversity in your company?

- By nature different people bring different opinions to the table. It´s almost guaranteed that you will get a different opinion on every day matters. Diversity is bringing joy and different topics to discuss. It gives me dimensions to even small discussions, and also reflections. I would say this is a great advantage regarding diversity, says Zangiabadi.

Having an office in Russia, may sometimes represent a challenge when they are not face-to-face to each other.

- PaleBlue also has a project with UiS, the professor at the University is German. We are providing new VR tools for research for biotechnology using the same technology we have developed for diving. This is part of an e-learning collaboration project with CORE (Centre for Organelle Research) at UiS, says Gorbatsevich.

Encouraging entrepreneurs

Gorbatsevich and Zangiabadi used to work in the oil service industry / energy sector, but decided to look elsewhere during the oil crises. This offered a new possibility to the two entrepreneurs that were colleagues at Aker Solutions.

- The idea to pursue our ideas and realize our goals empowered us starting our own business. Innovation Norway offers great tools for entrepreneurs like us. Norway is quite unique regarding governmental support towards entrepreneurs, and has established good systems for startup and scale-up.

Pale Blue has also managed to receive support from EU funds, on the Eurostars funding program, belonging to Horizon 2020 group. Norway is participating in this program.

- Until now we have been in the startup phase. We are now approaching the markets, and are in a position to grow. Exciting markets are coming up, and we have established some interesting contacts in different countries.

The future looks promising for the multicultural entrepreneurs in PaleBlue.

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