Sport and Outdoors – June & July


Preseason Hike to Kjerag
Where: Kjerag - different pick-up points in Stavanger
When: June 1st, 07:30 – 19:30
Join Outdoorlife Norway on a spring hike to Kjerag, and witness Norway’s bright green, and sometimes snowy, wilderness as it awakens after the long, cold winter. Breathe in the crisp, cool mountain air and experience the magic of hiking in near-solitude before the beginning of the high-season. Feel the exhilaration of standing on Kjerag’s cliff side, almost one kilometer above the Lysefjord, and enjoy the panoramic view of some of the most dramatic scenery Fjord-Norway has to offer. If you dare (and conditions allow), stand atop the Kjerag boulder, which hangs a heart-stopping 984 meters above the fjord.
This is a demanding 5.5-hour, 11 kilometer’s hike with a total ascent of 800 meters. Snow and ice may be present (hiking poles, spikes and snowshoes will be provided, if necessary).

Stavanger Open 2017 – Skate Festival

Where: Tasta Skatepark, Tasta
When: June 9th – 10t
Tasta Skatepark welcomes you to one of the best skate events in one of the best skating parks in the country. Explore the festival area that offers locally produced food, cultural arrangements for children, concert, exhibitions etc


Where: Bike race Egersund - Sandnes
When: June 10th
Nordsjørittet is a 91 km’s bike race which runs from Egersund in the south to Sandnes in the north. The trail goes through forests and mountains, along the North Sea Road, Vestlandske hovedvei and Kongeveien - in other words, great scenery. You decide the pace, aspirations and how often you take breaks. The track is rated as easy, with a mix of paved roads (60%), gravel roads (20%), and the rest is a mix of walking paths or single-track. A mountain bike or a hybrid bike is recommended. Do not use a road racing bike!

New Chance Peace Race Norway

Where: Midjord Stadium, Stavanger
When: June 17th, 11:00 – 15:00
This is a 5,5 kilometers long race open for everybody, from active athletes to walkers. There will also be a Children’s Run inside the stadium. At the same time the race is arranged in Sao Paulo in Brazil and Goma in Kongo, and you run for peace in Kongo. Tickets can be bought in the webshop or by Vipps. All participants get a medal. Food and drinks can be bought, and there are activities for children during the race.

Lysefjorden Inn - Ultramaraton

Where: Start: Oanes
When: June 17th, 08:30 – 23:00
This challenging run from Oanes to Lysefjorden, a total length of 62 kilometers, takes place in some of the most beautiful scenery Norway has to offer. You will be running down by the fiords and up in the mountains. You will see tourist attractions like Preikestolen and Flørli, and abandoned farms like Bratteli and Bakken. This is the fifth time the run is arranged, and it is the hardest ultramarathon in Rogaland.

Stavanger Triathlon 2017

Where: Speidermarka, Stokkavannet
When: June 18th
Stavanger Triathlonclub is pleased to welcome all new and previous participants to this 5th Stavanger Triathlon Event. The trail is located at beautiful surroundings in the Stokkavann area and it has a relaxed atmosphere, so it is perfect both for beginners and experienced triathletes.

Rockman Swimrun Lysefjorden 2017
Where: Fantahålå - Preikestolen - Flørli 4444
When: July 15th
This is the challenge against what locals say is impossible, the battle against some of the most dramatic nature in the world. This is the adventure that will force you to cross crystal clear ice cold fjords, climb longer stairs than you ever thought existed and master rocky mountain plateaus. Your weapons of choice are your team mate, wetsuit, running shoes and your body and mind. The Rockman racers will follow the path of the Rockman legend that, according to the local myth, brought the Kjerag bolt from the foot of Preikestolen to the Kjerag crack. The course changes as the parts of the myth reveals

BLINK Ski Festival
Where: Sandnes
When: July 26th – 29th 
The BLINK SKIFESTIVAL was arranged for the first time in 2006, and has since become the biggest roller-ski event in the World at summertime! Throughout three adventurous days the region will be presented at its best – the spectacular scenery of Lysebotn and the beautifulness of Sandnes City! The festival starts on Wednesday with the first version of classic race over 60km in Gjesdal and Sandnes surroundings. There will also be a shorter race (17km) for those who don't want to race the longest. The 2017 festival continues on Thursday as the athletes battle the tough hills of Lysebotn, surrounded by spectacular scenery and a real “Tour de France” atmosphere. The festivities continue through Friday and Saturday, as the world elite rolls onto the streets of Sandnes city center! It`s expected that about 50 000 spectators will come to visit BLINK! The Norwegian national team in both cross country and biathlon will come with their best athletes to compete against 100 of the best international athletes.

Relay for Life
Where: Randaberghallen, Randaberg
When: Septemer 23rd – 24th
Start preparing for the Relay “Stafett for livet” in September. This is a 24 hour race that is arranged in cooperation with Norwegian Cancer Society, and it symbolizes the fight a cancer patient is going through. Gather a team between family, friends, colleagues etc and enroll. The relay lasts for 24 hours and one member from the team must run at all times. Join the race in memory of someone that has been affected by cancer.

Flørli Stairway Day Hike & Lysefjord Cruise

Where: Flørli, different pick-up points in Stavanger
When: June 19th – September 15th
Join Outdoorlife Norway on a day-trip to Flørli, which boasts the world’s longest wooden staircase. Cruise through the Lysefjord and view Preikestolen from sea-level. Take the long climb up 4,444 steps to the top of the mountainside, enjoy the fjord views and visit the former power plant village of Flørli. Your day will begin when the guide meets you in Stavanger. After being transported to the shores of the Høgsfjord, you’ll board a passenger ferry that will cruise into the Lysefjord, where steep mountain walls towering hundreds of meters above the fjord emerge. During the cruise, you’ll pass waterfalls, abandoned farms, and the famous Preikestolen cliff before arriving at Flørli. Once at Flørli, your guide will lead you up the 4,444 wooden steps that parallel old water pipes which, at first glance, seem to be precariously clinging to the mountainside. This is a demanding 4-hour, ~6 km (round-trip) hike with a total ascent of just over 750 meters.

Preikestolen Sunrise Hike

Where: Preikestolen (different pick-up locations in Stavanger City)
When: Most days in June & July
Outdoorlife Norway invites you to experience an unique Preikestolen hiking adventure, guaranteed to be crowd-free! Join them on a twilight hike to Preikestolen and catch the sun rising over the Lysefjord. You will start your adventure in the midst of darkness and walk with headlamps through the twilight of the night. After approximately 2.5 hours of trekking, you will reach Preikestolen where, after finding yourself a beautiful spot to relax, you will watch as the first deep orange beams of sunlight illuminate the steep mountain walls that tower over the Lysefjord. Long before the first tourist-packed busses arrive from Stavanger, you will be on your way back down the trail to conclude your unique hiking experience with a well-deserved breakfast at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge.

Ryfylke Hike & Beer

Where: Mount Reinaknuten (pick-up in Stavanger City)
When: Most days in June & July
From Stavanger, join Outdoorlife Norway’s “hike & beer” concept to go local and hike off the beaten track, experience one of the best viewpoints in the region, taste locally brewed hand-craft beer, and if you want, stay at an authentic local lodge.
It will start with a 5 hours (roundtrip) hike to Mount Reinaknuten, rewarded with a great lunch and fantastic views. What’s better than concluding a great hike with a local craft beer tasting session? You can taste 3 different kinds of craft beer in the Lodge Craft Beer Pub, served with delicious local “Ryfylke Snacks/Tapas”. Afterwards, your guide will take you back to Stavanger, where you will arrive at approx. 18:00

Kjerag Summer Hike “Beat the Crowd”
Where: Kjerag (different pick-up locations in Stavanger City)
When: Some days in June & Weekdays in July
Are you an early bird who prefers to experience nature in solitude? Are you searching for an unique experience while beating the crowds? Join Outdoorlife Norway on an early-morning summer hike to the famous Kjerag boulder and experience Norway’s wilderness at its peak. Wake up your senses in the summer’s bright sunlight while enjoying a cruise through the spectacular Lysefjord. Hike in near-solitude on trails that have recently been upgraded by Nepalese Sherpas, who used local stones to make overcoming the final (and steepest) slope easier. Hikers that make their way up to Kjerag are awarded with an abundance of breath-taking views of the Lysefjord…but for many, the trip’s highlight is simply standing atop Kjerag’s famous boulder.

Kayaking: The Monastery Tour
Where: Fjøløy (pick-up in Stavanger City)
When: Most days in June & July
The area around Fjøløy and Utstein Monastery, offers many kayaking adventures, from open sea to idyllic archipelago. Rogaland Active will take you on a tour you never forget, through narrow canals, in open sea and in nice lakes. The guide will meet you outside the tourist information in Stavanger at 09.00. There will be transport to Rennesoy. Very close to the abbey, you will enter your kayaks. Wind and weather will decide your direction. From the abbey, your guide will take you out in open sea, under low bridges and along costal rocks. After a couple hours in the kayaks, you will take a break and visit the Fjoloy fortress. While you are waiting for a nice barbeque meal with cold drinks, you can take a walk at this lovely area, see canons and a lovely lighthouse. From the top of the fortress, you have full panorama view.

INN ACTIVE 2017 Activities

Guided City Tour
Where: Stavanger
When: June 1st, 10:00 – 11:30
A great way to get acquainted with the city of Stavanger! Patrick Doherty, a former guide with Guide Companiet, has kindly offered to provide his services to INN and conduct ta City Tour for our members. This is your chance to have all questions answered regarding architecture, monuments and buildings. Highlights include the history of the Stavanger Cathedral, Old Stavanger, The Valberg Tower and the harbor area.
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Where: Rosenkildehuset + Vågen
When: June 6th & 13th, 18:00 – 21:00Stavanger Kajakklubb offers an introduction to kayaking and a recipe for pure fun! Through this session we will focus on basic techniques, important safety pointers and having fun with a new activity.Stavanger Kajakklubb has wetsuites you can borrow without cost. You need to bring ordinary warm clothing and waterproof sandals or shoes. It's also a good idea to bring a bottle of water and an energy bar etc
18.00 Introduction to safety and technique, and useful information about nice places for kayaking in the future
18.45 Preparing kayaks and dressing up in wetsuits
19.00 Paddling - eight kayaks at the time, and rest of us are busy helping out (and taking photos) Everyone will be able to try one or two times
20.30 Cleaning kayaks and wetsuits
You find the location of the Stavanger kayak club here:,5.7194621,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xe828e3bd46aee16d!8m2!3d58.9771708!4d5.7216508
You can park at P-house " Stavanger Konserthus" (also showed on the map), which is only a few minutes’ walk from Rosenkildehuset and the Kayak Club.
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Fishing for real

Where: Flassamyrvannet, Figgjo
When: June 12th, 18:00 – 21:00
Please join us for this trip to Flassamyrvannet på Figgjo, to take part in pulling fishnets and all aspects of fishing.
We do carpooling from Stavanger (more details TBA ca June 10th)
17.30 Meet at P-lot Jernbanelokket (Byterminalen) Meeting point: in front of the Rema store
17.35 Drive to Flassamyrvannet, Figgjo
18.00 – 21.00 Fishing and fun.
Our guide is Morten Langøy, from Stavanger og Rogaland Jeger og Fiskeforening.
Fishing gear: please bring your own fishing gear if you already have some (fresh water). Please wear proper clothing for an outdoor evening + an extra layer (it’s always a little colder than you believe in advance). A back-pack with hot drinks and food or snacks
21.00 Drive back to Stavanger
21.30 Back at Jernbanelokket (Byterminalen)
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Learn how to use map and compass

Where: Tasta-Lille Stokka-Store Stokka
When: June 17th, 10:00 – 15:00
This is your opportunity to learn orienteering using compass and maps! Might be a very useful competence to have also when out hiking longer trails. Meeting location: Tasta sykehjem parking lot, Prestveien 29, 4025 Stavanger. By bus; bus no 1 (check the schedule on Sunday), Tasta sykehjem bus stop, walk towards the hospital parking lot. 
10:00-10:15 Meet up at location
10:15-10:45 Introduction to Orienteering: terminology, techniques, equipment, safety.
10:45-11:00 Equipment (compass and map) hand out per team
11:00-14:30 Orienteering in Tasta-Lille Stokka-Store Stokka area
14:30-15:00 Finish
Dress according to the weather conditions and bring snacks/food/water.
Please register here:

Hike to Kjerag!

Where: Kjerag
When: June 25th, 08:30 – 20:00
Please sign up for this truly amazing hike and embrace the opportunity to meet new people! Kjerag is one of the most famous hikes in Norway, located in Ryfylke, 1084 mas. This is a chance to experience the breathtaking, natural beauty that Norway has to offer!
We meet at the train station in Stavanger at 08.45 where a rented bus will take us all the way, stopping only in Sandnes (Ruten) at 09:20 to pick up the remaining passengers. We park at Øygardstølen and the Kjerag Restaurant. The hike will be approximately 2.5 hours each way, with some extra time on top for lunch and photos. The bus returns from Øygardstøl at 18:00 and will be back in Stavanger around 20:30. INN Expats will provide experienced guides. If some of you are not able to make it all the way to the top we will make sure you are having a good time at the Kjerag restaurant enjoying the amazing view.
Please register here:

Stavanger Turistforening Activities

Stavanger Turistforening arranges a lot of different hikes during the summer season. Please find below a list of most of the common hikes arranged in June and July. For those of you that understand Norwegian, please visit for more details.

When: June 2nd, 3 days
4444 Steps at Flørli
When: June 2nd, 3 days
Summer skiing to Kjerag
When: June 3rd, 3 days
Hiking Folgefonna lengthways
When: June 10th, 2 days
Hike to Meland Grønahei
When: June 10th, 5-6 hrs
Hike to Timmervatnet – Husafjellet
When: June 11th – 1 day
Hike to Reinaknuten and Tibergfjellet
When: June 11th, 6,5 hrs
Hike to Stølafjell - Grimslifjell
When: June 11th, 1 day
Hike to Hellesnipa in Gjesdal
When: June 14th, 3 days
Hike to Sandvatn
When: June 16th, 3 days
Hike Trolltunga via Ferrata Tysso – sleepover in tents
When: June 17th, 1 day
Hike to Ulvarudlå and Knudaheiå
When: June 18th, 6 hrs
Hike to Frafjordhatten
When: June 23rd, 3 days
Hiking in the Sirdal mountains – “cabin-to-cabin” for beginners
When: June 25th, 6 hrs
Hike to Båndaknuten – Buløyfjellet
When: June 25th, 5,5 hrs
Hike to Vådlandsknuten
When: June 29th, 4 hrs
Evening hike to Tverrgjøvle, Årdal
When: June 30th, 3 days
Hiking in the Suldals mountains
When: June 30th, 3 days
Hiking from Lysefjorden to Månafossen
When: July 1st, 3 days
Summer-weekend to idyllic Utsira
When: July 1st, 3 hours
Outdoor yoga at Gramstad
When: July 3rd, 5 days
Newton Camp (age 10-13)
When: July 3rd, 5 days
Family Camp to Sandsa
When: July 3rd, 6 days
Summer Camp for Youths at Preikestolen Basecamp 
When: July 10th – 5 days
Family Camp at Ådneram Touristcabin 
When: July 10th, 6 days
Family Trip to Stranddalen in Ryfylke
When: July 14th, 3 days
Kayaking Ørsdalsvannet
When: July 15th, 2 days
Boattrip to Førre including hiking
When: July 16th, 7-8 hrs
Lysefjorden around
When: July 25th, 6 days
Hike to Grasdalen, Lye
When: July 26th, 2 hrs
Tenting and Fishing
When: July 29th, 2 days

Viking football games at Viking Stadium:
June 4th 18:00 Viking – Kristiansund
June 25th 20:00 Viking – Haugesund
July 9th 18:00 Viking – Sogndal
Ulf Sandnes football games at Sandnes Stadium:
June 11th 18:00 Ulf – Ranheim TF
June 25th 18:00 Ulf – Jerv
July 23rd 18:00 Ulf – Mjøndalen
July 30th 18:00 Ulf – Start

Golf Clubs in the area:
Sola Golfklubb:
Solastranden Golfklubb:
Jæren Golfklubb:
Stavanger Golfklubb:
Sandnes Golfklubb:
Ogna Golfklubb:

Other Activities

Rail Tricycling
Where: Figgjo Station, Figvedveien, 4332 Figgjo
When: Every Sunday from April 9th to October 15th
Experience rail tricycling at the old Aalgaard-line. Great fun for the whole family! Open every sunday 11.00 - 17.00 during spring, summer and autumn from the Figgjo rail station. Two directions available. Figgjo - Foss-Eikeland and Figgjo - Aalgaard. Figgjo - Aalgaard is reserved for "drop-in" guests and takes aproxematly 40-50 minutes to cycle. Bike helmet is required, you can bring your own or borrow from the station.

Riding trips
Where: Tryggvi Islandshestgård, Kvernelandsveien 117, 4323 Sandnes
When: Every Saturday, weekdays during school holidays
Tryggvi Icelandic horsefarm is located in Sandnes. The farm holds about 35 icelandic horses, thousands of chickens for food production, bees, rabbits, cats and one dog. Tryggvi arranges riding trips for different levels of riding skills every Saturday with both trips in the forest and lessons on their oval track. In addition, they arrange riding trips during weekdays on school holidays.
annonse formuesforvaltning

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