Sport and Outdoors November

3 Lakes Half Marathon (3 Sjøersløpet)

Where: Stavanger Forum

When: November 4th 11:00 – 15:00* (*distribution of start numbers Friday at 10:00 – 19:00, and Saturday 08:00-10:30) – Dates and times marked with * are provisional and may be subject to change.

3-Sjøersløpet is a run with the intention of motivating more people to challenge themselves to finishing a long-distance race. The run is organised every year on the first Saturday in November. This is for many people the end of the running season and therefore a good base for setting goals for exercising all year round. The run goes through familiar areas for most people in the region, and it therefore appeals to the width of exercisers in Northern Jæren.


ISU World Cup speed skating

Where: Sørmarkaveien 20, 4019 Stavanger (Sørmarka Arena)

When: November 17th – November 19th

Don’t miss the Olympic Qualifier round in Sørmarka Arena in speed skating!


Seasonal events

Cruise to the Lysefjord & Preikestolen from private yacht

Where: Strandkaien, 4013 Stavanger

When: February 24th – December 22nd

Experience one of the most spectacular fjords in Scandinavia.
Combined with the luxury of being on a private yacht with family or friends. Fjords and mountains are just around the corner from the picturesque city of Stavanger, just after 5-10 minutes you will be in the heart of nature.


Guided riding on Icelandic horses

Where: Kvernelandsveien 117, 4323 Sandnes

When: March 22nd – December 16th (*Riding trip every Saturday, and week days during School holidays)

Would you like to experience the robust Icelandic horse? Join us on a trip! We arrange riding trips divided after different riding levels every Saturday the whole year. We also arrange riding trips during week days in School holidays like Winter holiday, Easter Holiday, Summer Holiday and Fall Holiday. During the School year, we have Riding School. Booking in advance, just check out our web page.


Guided bike tour, Swords in Rock

Where: Strandkaien 61, 4006 Stavanger

When: March 31st – November 1st (Monday – Friday 09:00 – 12:00)

Provider: Rogaland Aktiv. The guide will meet you outside the Stavanger train station at 10:00 am. From the Stavanger city centre, we will be heading towards the beautiful Mosvatnet lake. Along the lake, you will experience rich bird life and nice surroundings.  When arriving at the three swords in rock (Sverd i fjell) at Møllebukta bay, we will spend plenty of time walking around taking photos. You will probably see a lot of birds, as well as white swans and ducks. We would recommend bringing some money for snacks that you can buy at the snack and ice cream truck located here, called Is Paradis. They have tasty dishes, whether you want a burger or a sweet pastry.


Explore the fjord – Full day trip – Intermediates

Where: Strandkaien 61, 4006 Stavanger

When: April 1st – November 1st

Provider: Rogaland Aktiv. The English-speaking guide will meet you outside the tourist information in Stavanger (Strandkaien 61) at 9:45 am and walk you to the highspeed vessel. 10 minutes walking. This 30 minutes ferry ride is quite an adventure. The boat moors at several islands before ending up at Kalvøy, the destination and starting place for the kayak trip. At Kalvøy, the guide will take you to a place for changing into a dry suit. All depending on the weather, however, you will most likely have to wear a dry suit when entering the kayak.


Guided bike tour to the black cave

Where: Viste, Havørnbrautene 52 C, 4049 Hafrsfjord

When: April 1st – November 1st

As many of our bike tours, this is a must.
The cave, probably formed during the last ice age, is almost 9 m deep, 5 m wide and 3 m high. The first people settled in here around 6000 BC, and used it during various periods up until the age of migration, around 500 AD. This ride will take between 3-4 hours, depend of the group.


Guided hike to Flørli 4444 steps

Where: Husabergbakken 29 B, 4032 Stavanger

When: July 3rd – September 30th 2018

Consider spending a day climbing the world’s longest wooden staircase. With its 4444 steps, Flørli is known to be one of the scariest stairs in the world. The climb is long and strenuous, but provides great lookout points where you can stop to catch your breath while enjoying the vista over the Lysefjord down below. This is a two-part hike that does not take you through the same scenery more than once. The descent follows the hundred-year old marked trail that was once used by the “Rallarer”. Rallarer were often underprivileged men that were employed in the 1800s Norway to help build infrastructure. They are remembered to have carried up to 80 kg loads on their backs, and are the ones that built the stairs along with the Flørli Hydroelectric Power Station at their base. The dam at Ternevatnet, which the return trail passes, also stands as a reminder of their mastery.


Guided hike to Kjerag

Where: Husabergbakken 29 B, 4032 Stavanger

When: July 2nd – October 31st 2018

The fjord adventure would be incomplete without a trip to Kjerag bolt. The five-cubic meter glacial deposit is mysteriously suspended between two rocks, with the location being a world of its own. It inspires to humbleness and gratitude for having been allowed the privilege to experience nature in its utmost purity, from the top of the world. Standing on the boulder itself is not for the faint of heart and visitors to Kjerag should be reminded that what this place must offer is more than just an impressive boulder. Chances are you will be in awe of nature’s unmistakable beauty the entire trip, culminating with the breath-taking vistas over the Lysefjord.


Guided hike to Mån waterfall

Where: Husabergbakken 29 B, 4032 Stavanger

When: July 3rd – October 31st 2018

Månafossen is Rogaland county’s biggest waterfall and Norway’s seventh. The hike takes visitors through a forest trail and offers several lookout points over the canyon down below, while the sunlight beams create a spectacle of colors around the crystal clear falling waters of Mån. This is a small piece of paradise that allows one to be inspired and feel connected to nature. Tales of Norwegian history are told by the continuing trail that finally opens into a green clearing leading to an old, but well preserved, mountain farm. Since the road to and from is the only one that used to connect the Mån farm to civilization, this hike will feel like going back in time.


Guided hike to Lifjell

Where: Husabergbakken 29 B, 4032 Stavanger

When: July 3rd – October 31st 2018

In Norway, one does not have to step far from the city to enjoy nature and spectacular fjord landscapes. Lifjell is one such summit close to the heart of civilization. The path takes visitors through green, mossy forest, but it is not long before the terrain changes to expose rocks and typical northern flora of spruce, bushes and shrubs, such as blueberry plants and dwarf juniper, and the common heather (or ling) so loved by Norwegian bees. The top offers incredible views over the city of Stavanger, the northern part of Jæren, the North Sea and the islands in the fjord around Stavanger.


Autumn Hike to Preikestolen (day-hike)

Where: Ryfylkegata 13, 4014 Stavanger

When: October 16th – December 23rd *8:00 – 17:30

Join Outdoorlife Norway on an autumn hike to Preikestolen, and witness the magic of the season’s shifting colours and post-equinox daylight. Experience Norway’s crisp and cool mountain air while hiking on trails that were recently upgraded by Nepalese Sherpas, who "paved" the way using local stones. On an annual basis, Preikestolen welcomes more visitors than any other trekking-destination in Norway. In 2017, approximately 300,000 hikers are expected to make their way up to the top of the imposing cliff, which hangs 604 meters above the Lysefjord.


Fjord cruise Lysefjord & Pulpit Rock

Where: Skagenkaien (Vågen)

When: November 1st – December 31st 11:00 – 14:00 (Wednesday – Sunday; No departure on 1st of January, 24th and 25th of December)

Experience the famous Pulpit Rock from the fjord!
On this tour, we take you on a refreshing fjord cruise to the Lysefjord. The Lysefjord offers waterfalls, idyllic islands, and stunning nature. Discover the “mysterious” Vagabonds’ Cave, the goats, and get a taste of the fresh mountain water from the Hengjane waterfall. The Lysefjord is an experience all year round, and every season has its charm. Pre-booking at is necessary, duration – 3 hrs, guiding in several languages.




Where: Viking Stadion

When: November 5th 18:00



Where: Viking Stadion

When: November 26th 18:00

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