What's On November

KÅKÅnomics: Norway’s first and funniest Economics Festival

Where: Valberget 3, 4006 Stavanger

When: November 1st – 4th

Over four days, Norwegian and international stars will present and debate both the current and the future's most important economic issues. KÅKÅnomics offers enlightenment, seriousness, humour, entertainment and party!



Thursday at the Museum

Where: Valberget 3, 4006 Stavanger

When: November 2nd 18:00 – 19:00

"Thursday at the museum" is the name of the monthly Thursday events at the Stavanger Museum and at Stavanger Maritime Museum we offer a varied program where the common denominator is the sea, the city and the shipping history.



Simon Joyner (US) + support: David Nance (US) Concert

Where: Folken

When: November 2nd 21:00



VIAN Concert

Where: Folken

When: November 2nd 21:00



International School of Stavanger (ISS) presents the High School Musical Production "Expo"

Where: International School of Stavanger, Lovelace Theatre

When: November 2nd, 3rd and 4th (Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 19:00)

In 1967, an event made history and captured the heart of the world. This year’s High School production of Expo goes back to a time when the world came to Canada and found itself. A moment in time when optimism, innovation and inspiration took centre stage and gave us a new vision of the future and our common humanity. Expo is a story about friendship, hope and mutual understanding – a glimpse into the past with an eye on the future. 
The International School of Stavanger is delighted to share this family event with the expat community. Tickets are NOK 30 and sold in the ISS main office (51 55 43 00). 



UFLAKKS: Cezinando - u18 Concert

Where: Folken

When: November 3rd 18:00



Macca: The Paul McCartney Story

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 3rd 19:30

A tribute to the music and the life of a living legend!
The show covers Paul McCartney's career from 1970 to 2016, and is presented by actors and artists from London's West End, with Emanuele Angeletti starring as Paul McCartney. The first half of the show is dedicated to the critically acclaimed Wings Over the World tour in 75/76, with authentic costumes, staging and production. The second half is a tribute to Paul McCartney's solo career, and includes many of his biggest hits, along with a selection of Beatles favourites. Among the songs we'll hear are Live and Let Die, No More Lonely Nights, Band on The Run and many more.



SSO Main Series Horror Movies Concert

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 3rd 20:00

Get up from the couch and join us on a horror movie concert with full orchestra on stage and big movie screen. There are scenes from some of the most famous horror films while the orchestra plays film music from, among others, Hannibal, The Grudge, Psycho, Dracula, The Others and Aliens.



The Band Called OH

Where: Tou Scene (Scene 1 + Café)

When: November 3rd 21:00



KORT - Short-Film Festival

Where: KinoKino, Olav Kyrres gate 5, 4307 Sandnes

When: November 3rd – 4th 17:00 and 13:00

KORT wishes to focus on the unique film value of the short film format. The festival wants to show the best and most innovative short film.



"Saturday Sweets" for kids and families

Where: Teaterveien 1, 4005 Stavanger

When: November 4th 11:00/11:45/12:30/13:30 and November 18th 12:30/14:00

Fun for the whole family! Every other Saturday, kids between 3 and 10 years old are welcome at the theatre for a program called "Lørdagsgodt" - "Saturday Sweets". Through "Lørdagsgodt" they have the possibility to get to know the theatre by different shows, fairy tales and guided tours through the theatre building.



"Alt for Barna"

Where: Tou Scene

When: November 4th 13:00 – 16:00

Welcome to a fantastic family day at Tou Scene. The theme of this fall arrangement is music. The program is updated continuously. “Everything for the children” is organized twice a year, spring and autumn.



Creedence Story Night Concert

Where: Kongshaugvegen 32, 4050 Sola

When: November 4th 19:00

With songs like "Have You Ever Seen the Rain", "Bad Moon Rising", "Down on The Corner", "Cottonfields", "Proud Mary" and many more, the Creedence dominated the hitlists all over the world in its glory days. But despite the huge number of hits, Creedence is still a mystery to many, and the story of the band once referred to as "the world's biggest band with the world's worst record deal". This made Fortunate Sons to do something about it! Fortunate Sons - the Creedence The Clearwater Revival Experience brings the audience back to the late 60's in this performance, reminding them of all the amazing songs that made Creedence the best of all.



Literary Jazz Club with Edvard Hoem and John Pål Inderberg Trio

Where: Spor 5, Jernbaneveien 9, 4005 Stavanger

When: November 4th 20:00

Lyrics from Edvard Hoem’s emigrant travels, set to music with jazz finesse and warm humour by John Pål Inderberg and his trio.
Haymakers and prairie life are the order of the day when Edvard Hoem recites chosen pieces from the emigrants’ tales “Slåttekar i himmelen”, “Bror din på prærien” and “Land ingen har sett”. John Pål Inderberg’s trio will perform folk tunes inspired by Oline Sofie Bakkom and American jazz melodies that have themselves emigrated from the American prairies to Trøndelag. 



Siddis Brass Concert

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 4th 20:30

The entertainment competition Siddis Brass takes place every autumn. Next to the annual Norway championship in Bergen, Siddis Brass is the most important event for Norwegian brass bands. Each brass band performs an entertainment program of their choice within a time frame of 20-25 minutes. Recordings from the competition have been broadcast on many occasions on NRK and BBC. Siddis Brass wants all amateur brass bands to compete in five divisions. For more information, see www.stavanger-brassband.no/siddis-brass.



Nico & Vinz + special guest: SIX60 (NZ) Concert

Where: Folken

When: November 4th 21:00



Moon Relay+Monkey Plot Concert

Where: Tou Scene (Scene 1)

When: November 4th 21:00



Waffles Sunday

Where: Bøker og Børst

When: November 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th 10:00 – 14:00

Fall is over us and we need extra food to keep our mood up. A freshly made waffle or two with brown cheese, or cream and jam always helps.


Smokey Sunday

Where: Stavanger Canning Museum

When: November 5th 11:00 – 16:00

Come and taste our freshly smoked sprat and enjoy the activities for kids and parents.



Family workshop

Where: Stavanger Art Museum

When: November 5th 12:00 – 16:00

Once a month, we invite you to a creative workshop, led by our professional art educators or invited artists. The activities are suitable for children of all ages and are perfect for family collaborations.



In Paradisum - Concert with Bjergsted Choir

Where: St Petri Church, Nykirkebakken 1, 4006 Stavanger

When: November 7th 19:30

Bjergsted Kammerkor gives a concert and sings along Gabriel Faurè's Requiem. The choir sings selected a capella songs. The conductor is Thomas Hovgaard and accompanist is Ida Mo Schanche.



Vegetarian evening with Mari Hult

Where: Ostehuset Hinna

When: November 8th 19:00



Magiske Lanterner Filmklubb presents Les Amours Imaginaires (2010, Canada)

Where: Folken

When: November 8th 20:00 – 22:00



Joachim Carr: Piano Recital

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 9th 19:30

The Norwegian pianist Joachim Carr, living in Berlin, has soon established itself as one of Norway's leading pianists with an international field of work. He is award winning at several international competitions, most recently in the 14th International Edvard Grieg Piano Competition in 2014, where he was awarded the first prize, the public award and the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra Special Prize.



Sam Outlaw (US) + support: Michaela Anne Concert

Where: Folken

When: November 9th 21:00



Social Cooking - Thai street food with Bammut

Where: Traktøren shop in Magasin Blå, Verksgt. 2, 4013 Stavanger

When: November 10th 18:00

Around the world street food is one of the biggest, most loved, yet most unstructured culinary cultures. Street foods, ready-to-eat food or drink sold in a street have variations within both regions and cultures. Bammut will introduce various kinds of street food, including everyday snacks. Come along and learn to prepare tasty and handy snacks. He will make it so authentic as possible with punch of flavours.



The Johnny Cash Roadshow

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 10th 19:30

The show that charmed Johnny Cash fans throughout the country in spring 2016 is back with more concerts in the fall of 2017. The Johnny Cash Roadshow is blessed by the CASH family itself, and in the critically acclaimed show, the audience is taken on a charming and nostalgic time trip from the 1950’s and until 2002. On stage, the award-winning singer / songwriter Clive John is in the role of THE MAN IN BLACK, as well as Jill Schoonjans as June Carter and Amanda Stone and Louise Masters as Carter sisters. They are accompanied by the JC Horns band. Throughout the show, atmospheric movie clips and photos from Johnny Cash fascinating life will be displayed.



Hellbillies Concert

Where: Folken

When: November 10th 21:00



Geir Halleland plays music at Holdeplassen Bar

Where: Torgplassen 2, 4365 Nærbø

When: November 10th and November 11th 21:00



Theatre workshop for kids

Where: Tou Scene (Foftet)

When: November 11th 11:30

The theatre workshop lasts for 1.5 hours and will include various exercises, plays and simple play situations. The workshop demands nothing but a desire, and you do not need any prior knowledge or previous experience from theatre to join. Workshop organiseres Henrik Bjelland and Maria Drangeid.



The Barber from Seville

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 11th, 13th and 15th 19:00



Trond Holter presents Dracula - Swing of Death + special guest: Sirenia

Where: Folken

When: November 11th 20:30



The Ozone Project

Where: Jernbaneveien 9, 4005 Stavanger

When: November 11th 21:00

Phil McDermott has drawn on nine of the region’s most prominent and active musicians to present music focused around jazz, Latin, funk, rock and R&B. The band’s make-up also communicates that Stavanger has become an international town with musicians from Ireland, Belgium and Romania, as well as Rogaland and Hordaland counties.  Ozone Project artists also do a fantastic job as educators in the local area.



Lady Hardanger Concert

Where: Tou Scene (Foftet)

When: November 11th 21:00



Open day at the Stavanger School Museum

Where: Hillevågsveien 92, 4016 Stavanger

When: November 12th 11:00 – 15:00

Welcome to a lively day at the Stavanger School Museum. From 11:15 – 15:00, the audience can join the activities that run continuously.



Music Guide: 40 years Jubilee Concert

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 12th 16:00

Rogaland Music Council is 40 years old and will mark the anniversary with a party concert to celebrate the volunteer music life in Rogaland. The music organizations will present themselves with a musical number and you will experience the diversity and quality of the county. It will be a varied program with different expressions and with Espen Hana as presenter and entertainer. Pre-concert in the foyer at 15.30.



Ecologic, bio or conventional food – what is the future?

Where: Ostehuset Stavanger Centrum

When: November 13th 19:00

The evening presents a lecture with Jens Otto Andersen. He is a Danish researcher in biodynamic food and will challenge us with the food we eat. Jens Otto talks about the vital ingredients and we hope to make a good conversation. Together with new knowledge, we offer a healthy sharing menu.




Melissa Horn

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 14th 20:00

Melissa Horn's breakthrough is among the finest success stories of recent years in pop-rock. She has become incredibly popular in Norway. In the autumn a new tour is waiting and we are happy to present this fine artist for the Stavanger audience again.



Mont d’Or evening

Where: Ostehuset Stavanger Centrum

When: November 15th 19:00

Are you eating cheese with a spoon? Well, most of the time, you go to Ostehuset. This evening it is about the creamy, soft, almost fluent French Christmas tradition, Mont d'Or. Served in a wooden box, warm and good. At its best in November and December.




Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 15th 19:00

In February 2017, the 10cc Opera in Oslo, with sold out houses and brilliant success, visited Stavanger. The concert was so good that the band decided to release it on CD a few months later! And what better to follow up on such a success, then giving even more opportunity to experience the show? The band, with over 30 million sold albums and 11 top 10 hits in England, started in 1972 and is one of the few bands that has managed to achieve success among both audiences, musicians and critics. “I'm Not in Love, Dreadlock Holiday and Rubber Bullets” went all the way to England, while other famous songs like “The Things We Do for Love, Donna and The Wall Street Shuffle” went to top 10. In Norway, the band has had seven albums on VG list and three singles in top 10.



Magiske Lanterner Filmklubb presents Taxi Teheran (2015, Iran)

Where: Folken

When: November 15th 20:00 – 23:00



French evening

Where: Ostehuset Stavanger Centrum

When: November 16th 19:00 – 22:00

Intimate, delicious French dishes and a combined cheese and wine course. We offer an intimate concert with Erik Lerdahl and Dag Lea Lauritzen on guitar. You will receive delicious French dishes, dessert and of course selected cheeses presented by Ostehus's own Tom Helge Sørensen. There will be French chansons by Edith Piaf and Yves Montand through the evening. This will be a night you just don’t want to miss!




Thursday at Tungenes Lighthouse: Tommy Tokyo

Where: Tungenesveien 217, 4070 Randaberg

When: November 16th 19:30

Tommy Lorange Ottosen from Onsøy near Fredrikstad has since 2002 released music as Tommy Tokyo. The first albums were in English, but in 2015 he released “Hev deg over det derre der” (2015) that was Tommy Tokyos first album in Norwegian. Last autumn Tommy Tokyo released the album “Blant venner og fiender” (Among Friends and Enemies) which is considered as his best album so far. Tommy Tokyo plays solo at Tungenes Lighthouse.



Herbie Hancock Concert

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 16th 20:00

One of jazz's major innovators - the pianist, composer and band leader Herbie Hancock - comes to Stavanger this fall. For six decades, Hancock has put clear footprints not just inside the jazz but also in popular music. And he is still in full swing.



Siv Jakobsen Concert

Where: Folken

When: November 16th 21:00



Silent Disco

Where: Skagen 14, 4006 Stavanger

When: November 16th 22:00

This is not quite like a normal evening at Arkivet. All guests will be given a headset. The DJ will play different types of music on each channel, and it is you who decide which DJ you want to listen to. The venue is quiet, but put on the headset, dance and sing along. Fantastic feeling! This is incredibly fun and different. To be experienced!


Vedic Art Course

Where: Møllegata 108, 4008 Stavange

When: November 17th – 19th 12:00

During the course, you will be given Vedic principles that help reconnect to your inner creative power enabling its use in painting as well as in life. The Vedas are ancient sacred texts originated in India. The Vedas describe Universal Laws, cosmos and the truth about human potential. The course teaches to reconnect to this inner knowledge. After the course, you receive a certificate honoured by all Vedic Art teachers.



Opening of Christmas streets in Egersund

Where: Egersund city centre

When: November 17th 18:00

We invite everyone to the opening of the Christmas streets of Egersund. We lit the streetlights, light chains and trees at 18:00. Children from kindergartens will have decorated Christmas trees and boutique windows will be ready and set for Christmas shopping. There will be contests with great prizes, activities, mulled wine, Christmas cookies etc. Shops are open until 20:00. Get into holiday mood with us!



New Music at Loftet: Acoustic Solitude Concert

Where: Tou Scene (Loftet)

When: November 17th 19:30



Mikhael Paskalev + special guest: Strange Hellos

Where: Folken

When: November 17th 21:00



Ine Hoem Concert

Where: Tou Scene (Scene 1)

When: November 17th 21:00



Bjerga On Ice

Where: DNB Arena

When: November 18th 19:00

Rune Bjerga is happy to invite the entire region to DNB Arena due to its own 40-year-old crisis. Bjerga On Ice takes the stage this Saturday, without skating. This is not to be missed. Tickets for the event are purchased at Ticketmaster.



Joshua Redman & Ola Kvernberg Concert

Where: Spor 5, Jernbaneveien 9, 4005 Stavanger

When: November 18th 20:00

Some musical encounters simply hit the spot and deserve to be heard by many. This autumn, you’ll have the opportunity to experience just that. Joshua Redman and Ola Kvernberg are two of the most powerful voices on their respective instruments and with the combination of violin and tenor sax, this collaboration might just be history in the making.



Sigrid Concert

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 18th 21:00

From a small town in Norway, with attitude and voice bigger than most 20-year-olds, Sigrid is Norway's new star and has fast taken a lot of space in the music world!



Arif & Unge Ferrari - Batman & Bale Ballin' Tour 2017

Where: Folken

When: November 18th 21:00



Christmas concert with Stavanger Gospel Company and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 19th 17:30 and 20:00

Stavanger Gospel Company Christmas concerts have become a highly valued tradition. This year, Stavanger Gospel Company celebrates its 20th anniversary, and therefore wishes to really turn on the big drum when it comes to this year's Christmas concerts. The choir has therefore received the grand and wonderful Stavanger Symphony Orchestra (SSO) as the year's guest. SSO has become one of Scandinavia's most successful orchestras, and has in recent years had a significant artistic development and a large audience increase. To tie it all together, the choir has also brought along Norway's TV2 pastor, Egil Svartdahl.



30th Celebration of the Sola Culture House

Where: Kongshaugvegen 32, 4050 Sola

When: November 21st 17:00 – 20:00

Sola Culture House opened in November 1987 and in the occasion of the 30th anniversary we will have a grand birthday party! We have invited NRK’s Super television star Øistein Kristiansen and artist/songwriter Hanne Sørvaag for the birthday celebration. We also offer a 30-meter-long cake in the foyer, 1987-friendly ticket prices and a good atmosphere! Take the tour and celebrate this day with us!



Social Cooking – Indian Cuisine with Joyita

Where: Traktøren shop in Magasin Blå, Verksgt. 2, 4013 Stavanger

When: November 21st 18:00 – 21:00

Come along to learn from Joyita some delicious recipes and spend time with great people in a relaxed atmosphere!



Katt Williams Concert

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 21st 18:30

After almost 20 years in the industry, it must be allowed to characterize Katt Williams a legendary comedian. In addition, he is a world-renowned actor, rapper and generally an entertainer for the leg. His humour certainly has a political subtlety, and he has occasionally made discussions about topics like racism, police violence and street life. This time the conspiracy theories and their fanatical followers are undergoing review.



Baby Tour at the Art Museum

Where: Stavanger Art Museum

When: November 22nd 11:30 – 12:00

Bring your baby and join us as we explore art at a slower pace and focus on sense experience. Vision is not fully developed at the time of birth, but develops rapidly during a baby’s first year. Physical development and the brain’s ability to interpret sense impressions enable the child to see and comprehend sense impressions progressively better. To share aesthetic experiences and put words to them generates joy and promotes learning for both children and adults.
Welcome to a guided tour of the exhibition Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg by museum educator Katharina S. Ueland. Bring a baby carrier so that your child can experience art with you (we also have baby carriers to lend). The museum café is open, should you want to end your visit with a cup of coffee. We have children’s chairs, a changing table and plenty of room for prams. Please note that the tour will be held in Norwegian. For tours in English, please contact: formidling.kunst@museumstavanger.no



Ingebjørg Bratland Concert

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 22nd 20:00

40.000 sold albums, over 10 million streams and nearly 70 sold out concerts summarize the last two years for Ingebjørg Bratland. Now she is ready for new music, and on October 6th, Bratland's fourth album, "Hjarteskjell", was released.



Imitating Aeroplanes Concert

Where: Tou Scene (Scene 1 + Café)

When: November 22nd 20:00



SSO Main Series Russian Masters

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 23nd 19:30



Mustasch (S) Concert

Where: Folken

When: November 23rd 22:00



Torg Concert

Where: Tou Scene (Loftet)

When: November 24th 21:00



Putti Plutti Pott – Christmas show for kids and parents

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 24th 16:30/19:00, November 25th and November 26th 13:00/15:30/18:00

One of the most popular Christmas traditions we have is Per Asplin's classic Christmas adventure. This year, it is the 25th story of the Niche Putti Plutti Pot and the Julienissen's magic wand.



Blest Concert

Where: Spor 5, Jernbaneveien 9, 4005 Stavanger

When: November 25th 19:00

New project from three former key figures in Vamp. Get ready for Blest. A fresh, warm westerly wind is blowing. Paul Hansen, Torbjørn Økland and Calle Apeland – all former Vamp members – released “Blest” on 24th March 2017. As the album title implies, Vamp fans will recognise the maritime, Celtic-inspired sound that formed the foundation of one of Norway’s biggest acts during the 90’s and 2000’s. Blest have, however, grown their own wings. While the mother band were famous for songs of the sea, the fledgling demonstrates social awareness with their fresh debut single, “I dine sko” (“In your shoes”).



Eva Weel Skram Concert

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 25th 19:30

Eva Weel Skram is known to many from the band Eva & The Heartmaker. Since then, together with her husband and guitarist Thomas Stenersen, she has already been able to tour Norway all around with full house concerts several times in Olso and Stavanger.



Art of Deception Concert

Where: Folken

When: November 25th 21:00



Daniel Kvammen

Where: Folken

When: November 25th 21:00



Mount Eerie (US)

Where: Folken

When: November 25th 21:00



Organ Concert – International Organ Recital with Daniel Roth

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 26th 19:00



SSO Main Series Bartok, Rossini ad Schubert

Where: Stavanger Concert Hall, Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

When: November 30th 19:30



Svein Tang Wa & The Cuckoos Concert

Where: Spor 5, Jernbaneveien 9, 4005 Stavanger

When: November 30th 20:00

The stage is set for a much-anticipated happening when Svein Tang Wa is poised to release his first album in 10 years. A Tang Wa concert is always unpredictable, funny, playful and thought provoking. One of Stavanger’s foremost artists, he is recognised as a troubadour, guitarist, graphic artist and not least a brilliant wordsmith with great lyrics both for his own use and for bands such as Vamp and Stavanger ensemble. His band “Gjøkene” (“The Cuckoos”), the clan behind his legendary album “Hørr Gjøken” from 1998, have over time become a band of mature chaps but nonetheless revert to a childlike state in the company of Tang Wa.



Triggerfinger (BE) + Kindred Fever Concert

Where: Tou Scene (Scene 1 + Cafe)

When: November 30th 20:00



INN events

Driving on Slippery Surfaces

Where: NAF Øvingsbane, Bue

When: November 7th 18:00 – 21:00

Learn how to be a better driver under challenging conditions.

By attending this course, you will gain knowledge on how to handle your car under icy and slippery conditions. This will prove useful for anyone driving in Norway. How does ABS, ESP and 4-wheel drive effect the handling of your car? Let’s try it out! The price per vehicle is kr. 1.600 - and there’s limited space for ten cars. You will be driving your own car during the course. Please note that when signing up to this event payment is compulsory. CREDIT CARD ONLY.



Stained Glass One Day Art Class - Learn an amazing new craft

Where: Ålgård

When: November 18th 09:00 – 17:00

Stained Art Glass is a fascinating craft. Join us for a 1-day course at Ålgård Stained Glass Studio, where our amazing teacher and host, Brigitte, will help you create a beautiful stained-glass piece. The class will be held in English and is all inclusive: everything from your design, tools, glass, hot lunch and tuition are included in the price ... and we take in everyone: from absolute beginners to the most advanced stained-glass painters.  Come and join in on the fun and please note we also take mosaic students! Special price for our INN members of 1250 kr. (1000 kr. mosaic).  A 50% deposit is required to book your place.



ENTREPRENEUR 2017/2018 - Marketing for innovators and entrepreneurs

Where: Rosenkildenhus, Strandkaien 6, 4005 Stavanger

When: November 22nd 18:00 – 21:00

Becoming an Entrepreneur?
Stavanger Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with regional start-up organizations and officials invites you to 4 free sessions, to share inspirational information about what a Start-up means in real life. In addition, you will hear a Start-up story: From Idea to Business.



The Art of Good Communication

Where: Rosenkildenhus, Strandkaien 6, 4005 Stavanger

When: November 30th 19:00 – 21:00

What is good communication and how do we become good communicators? Want to avoid misunderstandings and conflict – here’s your chance to come and be inspired by Communication and Life Coach Marianne Lütcherath. She will be giving an interactive seminar on the subject and raising awareness of how to be the best communicators you can be and enjoy a positive outcome when in dialogue with others.



Different activities at:

Stavanger Culture House


Sandnes Culture House


Sola Culture House



Different tours and hikes with Stavanger Tourist Association (special prices for STF members)



Exhibition: Polar bear – an exhibition for children

Where: 4230 Sand

When: January 1st – December 31st (Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 15:00, Saturday, 11:00 – 15:00)

Polar bear – an exhibition for children based upon a story written by Rasmus Løland at Sand in Ryfylke.



Handmade glassware in Bjørheimsbygd

Where: Tjøstheimsvegen 531, 4120 Tau

When: January 1st – December 31st (Thursday, 15:00 – 18:00; Friday, 11:00 – 18:00; Saturday, 10:00 – 13:00)

Glasskjellaren is a combined workshop, showroom and shop located on a beautiful farm in the small village of Bjørheimsbygd near Tau and The National Tourist Route Ryfylke. Exhibition and sale of handmade glassware, jewellery, candle holders etc produced by Astrid Vadla Ravnås. She uses a technique called 'fusing', which can be traced back at least 3500 years. 

Groups and workshop by prior appointment.



Exhibition: Furniture industry in Sandnes

Where: Storgata 28, 4307 Sandnes

When: March 8th – December 31st (Monday, closed; Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, 10:00 – 15:00; Wednesday, 10:00 – 18:00; Saturday, 11:00 – 16:00; Sunday, 12:00 – 17:00)

The exhibition «Alle gode ting er tre» (All good things are wood) displays the Sandnes' rich furniturehistory from 1870 – 1970.
The production of furniture in Sandnes blossomed in the early 1900s, and became one of the main industries of the town. The exhibition documents the development of the industry, the production processes, the product development and the working environment in the furniture industry and displays a wide range of furniture produced in Sandnes that a lot of visitors will recognise from their own or their grandparent’s homes.



Kulturskatten (cultural treasure) in Hjelmeland

Where: Hjelmelandsvågen, 4130 Hjelmeland

When: April 6th – November 4th (Monday – Sunday / Bank holiday open)

Hjelmeland municipality has hidden many cultural heritage, or cultural treasures. Find the cultural memories and join the competition. The competition will last until 31 October 2017.



Candle dipping at Byrkjedalstunet

Where: Hunnedalsvegen 3231, 4335 Dirdal

When: August 29th – December 31st 2018

Planning on doing something fun together with your kids? Visit Byrkjedalstunet and make your own candles! At our candle dipping place, kids can dip, colour and decorate candles as they like. Who makes the prettiest candle for the cabin or your home? What about a small gift for the grandparents? Nothing is nicer than a self-produced candle from small children's hands. Visit us at the candle factory and ask us for advice. We know all about candles and are happy to help you.



Family movie day at Sola Kulturhuset

Where: Kongshaugveien 32, 4050 Sola (Sola kulturhus)

When: September 2nd – December 23rd

Sola Library and Sola Kulturhuset invites you and your family to a Free Movie day at Sola Kulturhuset. As the main hall is widely used for events this fall, the films will be displayed on different days and times.



Crawling reptiles

Where: Kviavegen 99, 4365 Nærbø

When: September 14th – November 26th (Monday – Friday 10:00 – 15:00; Saturday 12:00 – 17:00)

Are you not a huge fan of spiders, cockroaches, scorpions and other crawling reptiles? You know have the chance to overwind your fear. From 14th September – 26th November over 40 different reptiles are being exhibited at Vitengarden. Some of them have four legs, others have eight and some reptiles have so many legs we cannot count them all! During the exhibition period, visitors will at given times get the opportunity to hold some reptiles. Please reserve a spot for this at reception on arrival.



Weekend @ Norsk Oljemuseum: 11 activities and experiences for children and young people

Where: Oil Museum Stavanger

When: October – November – December (every weekend, 10:00)

The oil museum in Stavanger has exciting activities for families with children of all ages every single day.


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