ACTIVE 2017 - Cross Country Skiing in Sirdal (Family event)

Meeting information

Sunday 22. Jan Kl. 08:00 - 18:00

Location: Ådneram, Sirdal

Registration deadline: 19. Jan Kl. 12:00

22 Jan

ACTIVE 2017 - Cross Country Skiing in Sirdal (Family event)

Cross-country skiing is a great activity for the whole family!

INN Expats are happy to invite you to Ådneram in Sirdal for a cross-country skiing! You will learn the basics of how to ski, how to go up hill, down hill and most importantly how to fall and having fun in the snow!
We will use FRIKVARTERET (http://www.frikvarteret.no/)  as a meeting point, close to Ådneram (the last bus stop)
Frikvarteret has ski equipment for rent Nok 225.- pr person (adult sizes only)
Transportation:  by your own car or SKIBUSSEN  (leaving Stavanger 8.00 sharp) Tickets can be purchased here: 
Return from Ådneram at 15:45 and arrive in Stavanger at approx. 18:00.
We will follow www.yr.no  and give some extra advice a few days prior to each skiing event. Sometimes Hunnedalen is closed due to wind etc. Please sign up as soon as possible, and wait booking a bus ticket until we know more about the weather conditions. 
We will forward  a schedule, a map and more practical details about "What to wear and what to bring",  making sure we are all at the same place at the same time.  It might be a good thing preparing the winter wardrobe for all outdoor activities as a start :
- Woolen or “Super” underclothing (thin layers), - Hat, - Mittens or gloves, - Scarf, - Winter jacket,  -Sports pants (no jeans in the snow)
and at least two pair of thick socks......
If any questions please contact odegard@stavanger-chamber.no
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