ACTIVE 2017 - Trip to Månafossen

Meeting information

Sunday 23. Apr Kl. 10:00 - 15:00

Location: Månafossen

Registration deadline: 20. Apr Kl. 12:00

23 Apr

ACTIVE 2017 - Trip to Månafossen

You are invited to a hiking trip to one of the best attractions in Stavanger region.

Månafossen is the highest waterfall in Rogaland and the most spectacular. We will climb about 20 minutes from the car park to see the waterfall. The path goes over lots of rock and boulders and there are several places with staircases and chains to hold onto. The tour will be extended to a walk into the picturesque valley above

The hike begins at the car park where we meet. There is no public transportation to Månafossen, so we kindly suggest you to do car pooling. 

Extensive information will be sent in a seperate email to all attendees ahead of the hike.

Your ACTIVE 2017 guides to the Månafossen will be Cristina Moldovan and Andrei Sandulache. 

For more information please contact Andrei.Sandulache@gmail.com 
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