Norwegian Traditional Dinner with Therese

Meeting information

Wednesday 26. Apr Kl. 18:00 - 21:30

Location: Traktøren Stavanger (MagasinBlaa, 3 floor)

Registration deadline: 24. Apr Kl. 12:00

26 Apr

Norwegian Traditional Dinner with Therese

INN and Social Cooking invite you to take part in a Norwegian cooking class!

Program -
1800: Learn to cook Norwegain food with Therese
The menu will consist of shrimp sandwich with wild garlic pesto (ramsløkpesto), lamb frikasse and rhubarb soup.
Price: 350 kr or 300 kr  for students, plus gratuity to the teacher after the course.

For further questions please send email to: tamara@socialcooking.no
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