Active 2017 - Surfing course for beginners!

Meeting information

Saturday 01. Jul Kl. 10:00 - 14:00

Registration deadline: 29. Jun Kl. 12:00

01 Jul

Active 2017 - Surfing course for beginners!

Surfing is starting to become more and more popular in our area. Access to so many beaches in the Jæren area gives everyone the opportunity to learn a new sport. 

We kindly invite you to a Surfing course for begginers with our certified instructor Miguel from Myggen surf school (https://www.facebook.com/myggensurfschool/). 

On this course participants will learn the basic information of the sport with the must basics surfing techniques. Participants will learn also important information about the surf equipment and some surf ethics (rules) that one must follow in the water.

Duration: 4 hours.
Price:kr 400 per person (discount price) (Vipps/cash to Miguel).
Course include all the equipment and instructor (ISA certified).
Location: Bore beach / Hellestø beach (to be announced)

09:30- meeting at the parking lot
10:00- theoretical part 1 (surf equipment and prone technique)
10:30- demostration of prone technique and practice in the water
11:00- theoretical part 2 pop up technic and dismount technique)
11:30- demostration and practice of pop up technic.
12:30- break/lunch 
13:00- evaluation/feedback 
13:20- last practice in the water
14:00- course finish.

For more information please contact Cristina Moldovan: moldovan@naeringsforeningen.no

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