Active 2017 - Mushroom Picking

Meeting information

Sunday 20. Aug Kl. 11:30 - 16:00

Location: Ryfylke

Registration deadline: 17. Aug Kl. 12:00

20 Aug

Active 2017 - Mushroom Picking

Join us for a mushroom picking day!

Forests in Norway are real treasures if you like mushrooms. The wet summers give excellent conditions for mushrooms, and the forests are usually full of them. Do you want to pick mushrooms but not sure which ones are edible? Then join us in this informative trip where we will try to find mushrooms and learn more about them. 

Location is close to Jørpeland, so we need to organise carpooling for those who have no transport. Meetup point will be at Rosenkildehuset. 

More inforamtion to follow closer to the date.

Any questions please contact Randi
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